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Folie 26

The ITU G723.1 Codec possesses the characteristics shown in the diagram. The standard specifies two conversion speeds of 6.3 kbps and 5.3 kbps, however to achieve the narrowest occupied bandwidth possible, 5.3 kbps is used.
With an algorithm delay of 37mS, the total wireless communication throughput is a little over 100mS, but there is no distinct difference felt in the communication.

Folie 27

Although not used in the current ID-1, AMBE is 2.4 kbps, ultra-low bit rate Codec developed by the US company DVSI, and it is included in the D-STAR standard. Even though the bit rate is low, the audio quality is good, and we are considering using it in the next generation model.
By using this Codec, even GMSK modulation in an occupied bandwidth of 2.6 kHz, equivalent to that of narrow band SSB, can be done so that digital voice communication in HF bands is possible.

Folie 28

As we have shown, D-STAR is still just getting started, but we have carried out basic experimentation for over three years, and have acquired a lot of data, therefore we are very expectant that practical use is possible. Particularly, then from now on, users will likely develop many forms of applications, and we look forward to being introduced to these upon their realization.

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